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What are 360 degree reviews?

A 360 degree feedback review gathers information about an employee’s skills and behaviours from the people who work with them – their manager, employees or peers. A 180 degree feedback review on the other hand just gets feedback from either above or below.

360 degree reviews are a great way for someone to get constructive feedback about their ‘blind spots’ (the differences between how you perceive yourself vs. how others perceive you) and because 360’s are done anonymously, it means that everyone in the team can still get on with each other!

360’s focus on different aspects of someone’s behaviour – how they interact with others, their communication skills and how they demonstrate different skills relating to their role.

360 feedback is important for development

360 reviews are an excellent addition to any performance review process, as they can really help someone develop and grow in areas that they couldn’t see themselves.

Around 90% of Fortune 500 companies use 360 reviews. A Harvard Business Review article said that the one thing that profoundly and consistently changes lives – is what’s generally referred to as the 360-degree feedback process.

In Richard Lepsinger and Anntoinette D. Lucia’s book called The Art and Science of 360 Degree Feedback, they recommend using them to:

We’ve found that companies often use 360 degrees as part of a talent management system, for competency or skill development (especially for managers or specialist roles) or for knowing where to run training and development workshops.

Are you looking for an affordable and easy way to run 360 degree reviews in your company? The great news is the Elephant Group 360 survey package is here to help!

The Elephant Group 360 feedback process & pricing

If you want to run 360’s in your business  – you’ll usually pay many hundreds of dollars per person. This makes the process unaffordable for many organisations.

The great news is that Elephant Group’s 360 process is affordable and easy to use! There is no system that you have to implement and no enormous fees to pay and definitely no hidden charges later on.

Our standard 360 survey is NZD $125 or GBP £65.

If you want to customise the skills and values it is NZD $195 or GBP £95 per person.

How does it work?

You can purchase one, or many 360 degree reviews. You will need to provide us with the details of each person that you would like a 360 degree feedback review run for including their role, the skills you’d like to include in the 360 (either from our online bank of skills or your company specific skills/values for the customised option), and their email address. Where you are purchasing more than 6 x 360 reviews, this this step needs to be completed in a spreadsheet.

Once you have purchased the 360’s the following process applies:

1. We will send you through a communication plan of what we send out to each person doing a self-assessment, and to those they nominate to give feedback. You are welcome to customise this.

2. We then send out the self assessment first, which also collects who the person nominates to provide 360 feedback on them.

3. We send out the survey to those nominated.

4. We leave a week for people to provide the feedback and follow up nominees during the week to get as many responses as possible. This period can be extended.

5. Once the person and at least 3 nominated responders have replied to the survey, we will send through a 360 report to the manager or to the HR team or whoever is the nominated recipient of the report.

How is the survey branded?

The survey can either be branded with Elephant Group or with your company logo.

How do people know who is running the survey?

In the communications we explain that the survey is run by Elephant Group on behalf of your company, and is anonymous. Only Elephant Group see the individual data, and only collated feedback is provided from at least 3 responses.

How can we ensure this is a positive process?

In the communications to those nominated, we explain that the feedback provided is to help grow skills and change behaviours. It is not a chance to complain and belittle someone, and we give examples of how you might phrase feedback to be constructive if there is an area where someone isn’t demonstrating good skills.

How long will the process take?

We can run the surveys as soon as you have confirmed the communication content. We recommend that people are given a week to complete their self-assessment, and then nominated reviewers are given a further week, however if these are completed the day they are received, the finalised 360 can be ready within a few days. The report will be provided within 5 days of the completion of the 360.

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Who does the report go to?

We will send the report to whoever you nominate. In some organisations this will be to the HR team, or the senior manager or line manager, or to the employee themselves. Just fill in who you want the reports to go to when you purchase.

What questions does the standard 360 survey cover?

The employee level 360 survey asks questions about the following areas:

For those in management roles the employee level questions are asked, as well as specific management skills questions including on:

For any other questions please email us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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