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Our Advanced HR Webinars are part of our HR Business Partner Certificate, however you can now purchase them individually and watch them on demand.  Once purchased then you receive a link to watch a recording of the webinar. You will also receive a set of handouts so that you can take notes.  If you choose to then complete the HR BP Certificate, you can  credit some of these webinars to that and then complete the full module with assignment.

Settlements and PG’s (NZ only)

If you need to deal with exiting employees where issues have occurred, this module deals with what to do when someone takes a PG and how to negotiate a settlement agreement.

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Design Thinking and Agile

Introduced at the HR Game Changer Conference 2015, design thinking and agile are now being used by HR and payroll teams around the world. Find out what they are and how to use them.

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Complex ER Issues (NZ only)

This webinar covers using restraint of trades, conflicts of interest and IP clauses, dealing with unions and working through a Collective Bargaining process.


HR Strategy & Planning

This webinar gives you an understanding of different HR strategic plan models that you can use for the plan you want to put in place and how to put a plan in place.


Learning Strategy

Learning Strategy

This webinar covers different ways you can conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and develop an L&D framework and strategy.

Personal Grievances and Settlements Purchase - NZD Purchase - US Purchase - UK Purchase - AUS

Transformational Workplaces

If you want to transform your company but want to hear about what companies around the world are doing to change why, where and how people work - this webinar is for you!

Transformational Workplaces Design Thinking and Agile for HR

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