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Programme Overview

Our Certificate in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition is a 12 month programme focused on building your practical, tactical skills and experience in all the fundamental areas of recruiting, sourcing, selection and working with hiring managers.

Over the Certificate you will complete online learning modules with on the job assignments, case studies, quizzes and assessments. The programme also involves rating your achievement level from the start to the finish and mapping your skills and experience.

Who should attend?

You’ll benefit most from the Certificate in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition if you are:

What will you finish with?

The Certificate in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition is different from tertiary study as you need to be working in a role where you can apply what you’re learning, rather than just covering theory.

You’ll work through case studies and review your own workplace practices so that you get as much experience as you can, to deliver effectively in real life. Once you’ve completed your final assessment you will be awarded your certificate.

Elephant Certificates are now recognised globally, in New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, the US and United Kingdom.

Apply for a place

The programme investment is AUD$1,550, NZ$1,750, UK£795 or US$995.

You will need to complete the on-line application to register for the Certificate.

You can register and start the programme at any time during the year.

Being a great recruiter

This module covers he different types of roles within your field, and what different career paths exist, the knowledge and skills you’ll need and how to overcome challenges.

Core Modules

Search Plans

and Sourcing

Good candidates are often hard to find so you need to know different methods you can add to your search plan including the innovative and unusual ones!

Clever Communications

To deliver effectively in recruitment, you need to understand the different communication styles – both yours and others, and how to adapt and engage with both candidates and hiring managers (and your team!).

Job Scoping &


Some hiring managers will have a good idea of what’s needed for a role, but for others you’ll need to give them some help working out the skills and knowledge needed.

Recruitment Technology

There are now many different recruitment systems and technology tools you can use to find and select candidates. A good recruiter will utilise the right tools and be able to recommend to their business what technology solutions could help.

Candidate Management and Selection

Many great candidates can be lost if you don’t have good processes in place to manage their applications and engage and stick them to your company.

These modules must be completed. If you have advanced training or experience in one of these areas, then you can apply to have this module  exchanged for an optional module.

This Certificate is for anyone with recruitment responsibilities who wants to build their operational and strategic skills and knowledge.

Certificate in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

You must choose two of these optional modules.

Optional Modules

Recruitment Legislation

When you are gathering information about candidates and working through the recruitment process and offering employment – you need to make sure you are complying with legislation and not putting your company at risk.

Offering Employment

As a recruiter, you are sometimes often responsible for managing the operational processes around offering employment to a candidate. Even if this isn’t part of your role – it is still useful to know!

Establishing Yourself

It’s can be hard early in your career or when you’re starting at a new company - to establish credibility with your team and with hiring managers. This module will help you work out how to establish yourself effectively.


Strategic Plans

In a senior TA or Recruitment role, you may be in charge of developing or implementing a Recruitment Strategy for business. This module covers how to develop and implement a plan.

Inspired Interviewing

In many recruitment and TA roles, you may be required to do first interviews with candidates or to be part of an interview panel. Learn interviewing pyschology, how to interview effectively and overcome interviewing pitfalls.

Your Employment Brand

We are living in an age of transparency and your brand is built from what you put out, but also what people are talking about with your company. Find out how to build your brand effectively.

Recruitment metrics and analytics

Recruiters and TA professionals are usually measured on the quality of their hires – did you find a great person for the role? But there are also other useful metrics that can help show your value to a client or your business and help identify where you could improve your processes.  

Leading Change

This module takes you through using specific change tools with a recruitment case study so that you are fully prepared to drive change in your business.

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