Employment lawyers are able to see things as black and white - but in HR and people management it doesn’t work like that. We can’t just give an opinion on what the legislation says. We have to think about how it applies to many and varied situations where there isn’t one right answer. Then we have to  find something that works for everyone. This often involves weighting up risks and figuring our possible consequences as well as the culture of the company.

The bad news is that this means it’s not just a question of learning the law – but it’s also about learning what HR challenges each piece of legislation raises and different ways you can overcome these! The good news is that Essential Employment Law teaches you both the legislation and case law, but also how to apply it in real life.

We also promise you’ll have some fun learning. Our employment law training always receives fantastic feedback from those who attend who say that they get real value from getting answers to all their questions (however strange or unusual!) and really enjoy the whole day as well as learning lots. Our facilitators all have significant experience in employment law but also how to apply it to many and various situations - so can share how it works in real life.

If you want to know the essentials, then this is the employment law training workshop for you.

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