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Our Facilitators

All of the Elephant team are HR & employment law experts as well as being engaging facilitators. We promise we won’t lecture you!

Course Content

The workshop covers not just 13 pieces of legislation but also the key points around restructuring and disciplinary procedures. You’ll cover:

You’ll leave with a comprehensive (but not so long you’ll never look at it again!) workbook that covers all the key points of the law as well as HR pointers on other policies and processes that link in.

We also cover recent employment law changes.

Employment lawyers are able to see things as black and white - but in HR and people management it doesn’t work like that. We can’t just give an opinion on what the legislation says. We have to think about how it applies to many and varied situations where there isn’t one right answer. Then we have to  find something that works for everyone. This often involves weighting up risks and figuring our possible consequences as well as the culture of the company.

The bad news is that this means it’s not just a question of learning the law – but it’s also about learning what HR challenges each piece of legislation raises and different ways you can overcome these! The good news is that Essential Employment Law teaches you both the legislation and case law, but also how to apply it in real life.

We also promise you’ll have some fun learning. Our employment law training always receives fantastic feedback from those who attend who say that they get real value from getting answers to all their questions (however strange or unusual!) and really enjoy the whole day as well as learning lots. Our facilitators all have significant experience in employment law but also how to apply it to many and various situations - so can share how it works in real life.

If you want to know the essentials, then this is the employment law training workshop for you.

Who should attend?

The following people have found real value in attending our Essential Employment Law workshop:

How the on-line workshop works

We also run an online workshop for those who can’t make it to Auckland or Wellington. We schedule the date once we have a booking. This runs as:

An online session on Tuesday morning (9.30 - 11am), to cover the Employment Relations Act, then watching some on demand webinars about disciplinary and restructuring. You complete some case studies, then the following Tuesday attend a second online session which is 3 hour (9.30am - 12.30pm) to discuss the cases, and cover the other legislation. You still get to discuss, share and ask questions. You’ll get sent a copy of the workbook to make notes in as you work through the session. All you’ll then need is a quiet room, an Internet connection, computer and headphones or phone.  It’s as close to being there in person as we can make it!  

Liz Tibbutt started her HR career after chucking in the towel (literally) on her 12 year career as a chef. After several years in Corporate HR at Air New Zealand, Liz moved to London where she focused on recruitment and HR project management. She also completed an MBA from Henley Management College. But the new millennium called Liz home and she spent the next 12 years as a contractor and consultant in a wide variety of industries and sectors in NZ and Australia.  She is passionate about digital technology, HR data, change management & research. Liz also runs insideHR – a website that brings together the latest HR news relevant to HR professionals in New Zealand. Liz joined Elephant in 2019.

Nikki Peck has over 20 years of generalist HR experience working in diverse sectors such as health, engineering, utilities, retail and not-for-profit.  Nikki has a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources from The University of Auckland and joined Elephant in 2012 as an HR Consultant and facilitator. She always receives fantastic feedback from managers and HR people for making any workshop she runs interesting, entertaining and extremely useful - sharing practical real life examples and answering curly questions.

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Essential Employment Law

Our popular one day employment law training workshop covers 13 pieces of employment legislation and HOW to apply it in the workplace.

Not only that… you’ll have some fun learning!

What people have said about attending:

“For me the whole day was useful to embed my knowledge – it was an excellent refresher course.”

“Learning about justifications re some of the case law – good to know why a decision was made, course was awesome thank you”

“A fantastic course overall. The fact that I came away with some essential knowledge relating to fixed terms contracts and trial periods (amongst everything else!) meant I could come into work and confidently make a few changes to our IEA's the next day.”

“The seminar was interactive and although professional, was still quite a relaxed environment. The Elephant team really know their stuff and are happy to answer every little niggling question I had during the breaks.”

“It is a lot of information, but I feel really well informed”

“Thank you, I feel better able to talk with my managers and give advice more clearly and back up with good rationale.  I really liked how Nikki gave us good examples on how to phrase your advice to your manager without getting them off-side”.

“This was excellent, I feel like I understand the basics a lot better”.

Next running

Auckland - Thursday 6 May 2021

Wellington - Thursday 20 May 2021

Auckland - Thursday 24 June 2021

Wellington - Thursday 22 July 2021


Early bird (4 weeks before) $695

Full Price $895

Online workshop $995

Ainsley Benefield spent much of her career working as an employment lawyer in Wellington, Dublin, and London including in-house at a global company going through a significant period of HR issues and transformation.  When returning to NZ, Ainsley worked as an HR consultant and founded HR consultancy Hive. This experience has meant Ainsley has worked with a variety of employers across most industries around the world. Her legal background paired with her HR experience means she has a pragmatic, people-focused approach to getting HR and people management issues right.  She is also a qualified mediator and specialist in independent reviews and investigations. Ainsley joined Elephant in 2019 as a facilitator.

Venue & Timing

The face to face workshop runs from 9am to 5pm.

Our Wellington venue is the Terrace Conference Centre.

Our Auckland venue is the Rose Park Hotel, Parnell or the Parnell Hotel.

Wendy Li is an experienced workplace practitioner with over 15 years’ experience in employment law and employment relations.  She has held leadership roles in both private practice and public sector organisations in the area of employment and industrial relations. Wendy has practiced employment law in New Zealand and Australia as well as undertaking work in the United States and France. She has led bargaining teams in a large employer organisation, in negotiations with multiple unions.

Can’t attend in person? You can book our online session.

Following Employment Law every other month is our one day Disciplinary and Dismissals workshop. Save if you book on both.

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