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A little bit of history….

In January 2014 we ran the inaugural HR Advisors Conference. We know it’s a difficult role to juggle and we thought it was time there was a conference to support those in an HR Advisor role. Conferences shouldn’t just be for senior HR people - HR Advisors are the ones in front of managers, and need tools and techniques to use!

And the feedback we’ve had over the years has been amazing. HRA’s have said:

The themes we’ve covered

2014: Jump start your career! Our first conference looked at the different HR career paths and the skills needed to be a great HRA.

2015: Being operationally strategic super heroes. How can you think strategically in an operational role and be a super hero for your business?

2016: Culture Champions. While the senior leadership team might set the direction for the business, it’s line managers and HR Advisors who have the most impact on culture and we explored how HRA’s can do this.

2017: HR Advisors of the Future. HR is changing, but what will an HR Advisor look like and what skills, tools and technology will they need to use?

2018: Crazy in Love with HR and HR Excellence. For our fifth birthday, at our March Auckland conference we explored how you make your business fall crazy in love with HR and in Wellington in September, how to deliver HR excellence.

2019: For what we’re covered see below…..

The HR Advisors Conference gives you practical tools & inspiration if you’re in the first few years of your HR career.

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