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I loved the opportunity to talk to other HR Advisors about the issues they face in their organisations and understand what other things are out there.

This is a must-go-to event if you’re an HR

Admin/Coord/Advisor... lots of career tips, inspiration from HR leaders on their personal career journey, additional perks of interaction from other HR pro’s/networking to build relationships.

All topics were very relevant, was a great way to meet people in the same or similar roles and the workshops were delivered well. I absolutely loved this conference!

The Elephant team did a brilliant job in sourcing top-notch speakers, preparing high-quality workshops and the sessions were pitched at just the right level for us HRAs. Really impressed and can’t wait to come along to future sessions with you guys!

This was one of the best conferences I have been too as the interactive workshops were long enough to be applied to a very small project.  Such really interesting topics were very hard to choose, final choice came down to what I need to know about right now!

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The history of the HR Advisors Conference

In January 2014 we ran the inaugural HR Advisors Conference. We know it’s a difficult role to juggle and we thought it was time there was a conference to support those in an HRA role. The 75 HRA’s who attended said it was a brilliant two days and they got a huge amount of practical tips and techniques as well as inspiration and ideas to use back on the job.

In 2015 we focused on how you become operationally strategic and really add value and had another fantastic two days of learning’s, inspiration and discussion in both Auckland and Wellington. For 2016 our theme was Culture Champions. While the senior leadership team might set the direction for the business, it’s line managers and HR Advisors who have the most impact on culture and we explored how HRA’s can do this.

What’s the focus for 2017?

20 years ago Personnel changed to HR. Recently HR has started to transform again and HR Advisors roles are going to morph too – with new business models changing how we work, technology and systems taking reactive work away and silo’s breaking down between talent, capability and learning.

We believe the HR Advisors role is still vital – you are at the coalface of a business advising managers and employees. In 2017 the HRA’s conference explores what the ‘new’ HR Advisors role will look like, and give you practical tools, techniques and ideas to deliver!


Auckland Feb 2016 Wellington Jan 2016 Read about 2016


Morning sessions 9am - 12.30pm

The evolving role of an HR Advisor. In this first session Angela Atkins will present on what skills you’ll need, responsibilities to take and tools to use to deliver effectively. You’ll get the chance to discuss what areas you’re concerned about changing most and how you can deal with these concerns!

Your HR Career Path. In each city we have an awesome panel of experienced HR Managers and HR Directors who will share their career paths and what you can do to develop yourself for the future.

Think Tank: Lisa Bell from enableHR will run our first think tank of the day on how you can get the most from the conference and what are HR priorities for 2017.

Afternoon sessions 1.15pm - 5pm

HR operational excellence ideas. For the afternoon we have a range of sessions for keeping your knowledge up to date. You’ll hear about:

5pm: Think Tank followed by drinks and nibbles!

Our NZ presenters

We had a fantastic line up of inspiring and knowledgeable HR Directors, employment lawyers and other experts to share practical tips and techniques that you can use back on the job! Those attending in NZ heard from:

Want to see what happened in previous years?

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HR Advisors Conference UK For more information about the July 2017 conference visit www.hradvisorsconference.co.uk

Nikki Iuli, HR Manager, Sanford

Susan Lowe, GMHR, Repco

Aaron McIntosh, People Concierge

Troy Hammond, TalentArmy

Lisa McCarthy, HR Expert, .adiact

Andre Lubbe, Head of ER, Auckland Council

Penelope Barton, Chief People Officer, Vend

Tash Pieterse, Senior People Advisor, Intergen

Kylie Telford, Recruitment & Employee Brand Lead, NZME

Angela Atkins, People & Learning Director, Elephant

Linda Bateson, Executive HRM, Xero

Angela Evans, Senior Associate, Langton Hudson Butcher

Lisa Bell, GMNZ, enableHR

Megan Applegate, Independent HR Consultant


Morning sessions 9am - 12.30pm

Using sales and marketing techniques. As an HR Advisor you often need get managers on board with new HR initiatives and the advice you’re giving them. To start day 2 we learn how to create real engagement and buy in from managers about your HR processes and policies and advice by using some tools from a sales and marketing expert - Rachel Klaver!

Building a safety and wellness mind-set. Aaron McIntosh has been working with several large companies on improving their H&S and will share ways you can take a more proactive approach with health, safety and wellness.

Think Tank: This one will be about team building.

Afternoon sessions 12.45pm - 4pm

New HR tools. In this session you’ll hear about:

A word from the fringe. Lisa McCarthy is going to show you what’s happening on the cutting edge and  give you a fresh perspective on how to provide the right HR advice and support.

Your path to HR Success. Dr David Keane was a stand out presenter from our last conference and has agreed to return and share some amazing tips on how you can be as successful as you want to be.

Think Tank & Action Plan. To finish Lisa Bell is going to run our last think tank on how HR can handle emergencies, and give you some final tools to use to get the actions you want, across the line.

Management Bites Training

We’ll also have information at the conference about the Management Bites programme. For more information just click here.

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Association of People Professionals

Some of our presenters are on the HR Advisory Panel for APPNZ which is working to charter the HR profession.  If you’d like to see what APPNZ is about just click here.

Rebecca Armour, GMS National Leader, KPMG

Bridget Romanes,

Principal, Mobile Relocations

Rachel Klaver, Parenting & Marketing Guru, Identify

Dr David Keane,

The Art of Deliberate Success

Read more about our presenters

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HR Advisors AWARDS

The Certificate in HR Operations

If you’d like to expand your knowledge of HR Operational areas like restructuring, employment law, remuneration, talent management and much more - then you may want to look at completing this Certificate.

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The HR Advisors AWARDS

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HR Advisors Awards

HR Advisors should be recognised and celebrated!

The HR Advisors Awards

do just that!

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Simon Oldham, General Manager, QJumpers

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Rob Leyland, Capability Partner, Optimism

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