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In September 2014 there was an HR world first.

The HR Game Changer Conference ran in Auckland, NZ and at the same time in London, UK. The twitter stream ran hot with those attending sharing thoughts and a-ha moments accross the globe.

But this wasn’t just a conference.  It was the start of a movement.

People are the future of business - it’s as simple as that. Yet HR still isn’t seen as being critical to achieve this. The HRGC movement is about transforming HR and changing the game.  


• Every CEO considers HR the most vital key to success

• People understand the real power of what HR delivers

• HR teams are resourced to be proactive & business focused

• HR professionals are seen as business people


The 2014 conference mapped out what that transformation would look like. In 2015 we explored tools and techniques to help make it happen. And in March 2018 we we looked at the progress that’s been made and how to have game changers in your business.

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The conference that started a worldwide movement to transform HR

The HR Game Changer

Auckland | London | San Francisco

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