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This Certificate is for anyone with OD responsibilities who wants to build their operational and strategic skills and knowledge of OD models, tools and techniques.

Programme Overview

Organisational  development (OD) used to be long to the world of I/O psychology. However in the last few years many HR and Learning & Development professionals have moved into OD roles. Here at Elephant we’ve talked to many OD people and found that there is a lack of qualifications, training and support in this field. Following our OD (re) Design Conference, we are pleased to have developed the Certificate in Organisational Development.

The Certificate is for anyone in a role with OD responsibilities, who wants to build both operational and strategic OD skills and grow your knowledge of OD models, tools and techniques. The Certificate is launching in 2020, and is a 12 to 18 month programme.

The Certificate involves the following:

You’ll hear from both New Zealand and international experts in the different fields of Organisational Development.

Who should attend?

You’ll benefit most from the Certificate if you have OD responsibilities in your role. This may mean you are currently in an HR, OD or Learning & Development type role.

What will you finish with?

The Certificate in Organisational Development is different from tertiary study as you need to be working in a role where you can apply what you’re learning, rather than just covering theory. The webinars, videos and articles will cover fundamental knowledge as well as challenging your thinking. The assignments and assessments will test your ability to apply these to case studies and on the job situations. You will need to pass each assignment to complete the Certificate.

Apply for a place

The programme investment is AUD$1,750, NZ$1,950, UK£995 or US$1,295.

You will need to complete the on-line application to register for the Certificate.

We will have 3 intakes during 2020 which are:

 If you are unsure if this is the right Certificate programme for you, please email us and we can help assess which may suit you most.

Apply Online - NZ

Certificate in Organisational Development (OD)

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Approaches to OD and building your skill set

Understanding the different OD models, how to lead a function and a 360 of your skills and experience.

Core Modules

Communication Strategy and Roll Out

Whether during a change project, rolling out a new initiative or launching or reinvigorating an existing programme - your communications plan can make or break your message getting through and the success of your roll out.

Learning Strategy

Different ways you can conduct a Training Needs Analysis, frameworks for developing a strategy and how to present it to your SMT

Leading Change

This module takes you through using specific change tools so you are fully prepared to drive change in your business.

Building your Company Culture

More and more OD professionals are asked to use  the right tools to redefine, measure  and build company culture.



One of the key areas many OD professionals are responsible for is building leadership capability accross an organisation, and often at different leadership levels.

OD Models and Tools

There are a number of organisational development models and tools that are essential for OD professionals to understand, so they can use these in capapbility and development, leadership or culture initiatives.

Psychometric Tools

Part of an OD professionals remit is to understand the science and pyschology behind pyschometric testing, and then being able to assess which pyschometric testing and tools will work in different areas of your business.

You must choose four of these optional modules.

For NZ participants, you can also choose to attend the OD (re) Design Conference instead of two of the core or optional modules.

Transformational Workplaces

Over the last few years at the HR Game Changer Conference we have explored and discussed what the amazing companies are doing to transform culture and work practises.

Team Dynamics

Many organisations are struggling with breaking down silos and trying to create collaboration across the business. Knowing how to understand team dynamics and catalyse is an important skill for any OD professional.

Optional Modules

These modules must be completed. If you have advanced training or experience in one of these areas, then you can apply to have this module  exchanged for an optional module.

Employee Experience (EX) Strategy

Many companies are now moving to EX, using principles from CX (customer experience) to build a more engaging employment experience at all levels.

OD Psychology 101

There are a number of Industrial Organisational (IO) Psychology principles that are useful for anyone working in OD to understand. Using key methodology and practises mean you can put in place solutions that address the root cause of issues.

Strategic Workforce Planning

OD professionals have a unique view of an organisation’s work patterns and capabilities and can provide frameworks and strategies on workforce planning.

Performance Coaching

Whether part of leadership development, L&D programmes or as a tool for OD to use when advising and supporting heir business, understanding and using the principles and models of performance coaching can be very valuable.


and Mental Health

Mental health and wellness are more important than ever before. In an OD role you may be responsible for developing and delivering wellness and mental health programmes.  

Using Metrics and


Many managers and CEO’s do not understand what an OD function can deliver, as there is a lack of metrics or analytics delivered to the business. Find out how to use metrics effectively.

Using Competencies for development, talent and succession

OD can help their business use competencies in a variety of ways.

The OD (re) Design Conference ran in Auckland in August 2019 and is scheduled to run again in August/September 2020. Further details will follow. To find out what the 2019 conference covered click here.

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