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Our Certificate in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition deals with the technical areas of recruitment - but the more challenging part can be dealing with the non technical bits!

How do you get difficult hiring managers onside? How do you juggle too many vacancies with not enough resource? How do you build your resilience so you can handle set backs? And are you up to date on employment legislation changes?

The Recruitment Master Class covers the areas that aren’t regularly discussed. We want to give you the skills and knowledge to be an recruitment superstar!

Part 1: Getting more done

9am: Introductions and challenges brainstorm

9.15am: Developing Your Skills

How often do you get to focus on you? Right now, that’s when!  In this session you’ll cover:

10.30am: MORNING TEA

10.45am: Employment Law for Recruiters                

There have been a number of recent employment legislation changes and cases that every recruiter should be aware of to make sure their companies recruitment process comply. This includes the new Privacy Act and privacy issues, offering employment and discrimination issues.

11.45am: Managing Time      

New ways to manage your time when you’ve got vacancies, hiring managers and candidates all needing your attention and only so many hours in the day!

12.30pm:End of part 1 

Workshop Contents

Part 2: Dealing with challenges

For the face to face workshop this runs in the afternoon 1.30 - 5pm.

For the virtual workshop, this is the second morning 9am - 12.30pm.

Dealing with difficult hiring managers (1 hour)

Yes we know they’re out there lurking waiting when you least expect it. In this session you’ll uncover the different types of difficult managers and learn some tools and techniques to turn them around and make them eat out of your hand (okay maybe not quite that far – but how to work with them effectively and get them engaged).

Building your resilience at work (1 hour)

Another aspect of the pandemic has been the effect it’s had on our resilience and ability to cope with pressure and changing situations. In this session you’ll find out methods to build your personal resilience back up, deal with stress, set boundaries with unreasonable hiring managers and much more.


Overcoming recruitment challenges (1 hour)

The pandemic has caused some changes to recruiting. In this last session of the day you’ll get to discuss some of the areas that may be causing you issues. Whether it’s about how to take your employment brand to the next level, bringing candidates in on special VISA’s, dealing with counter offers or ghosting, or even how to reject pushy candidates – find out how to deal with these effectively.

Action planning session: You’ll now work through what actions you can take from the workshop and then we finish.

Who you’ll hear from:

Nikki Peck, Elephant Group

Nikki has over 20 years of generalist HR experience working in diverse sectors such as health, engineering, utilities, retail and not-for-profit.  She has a focus on finding useful and practical solutions to problems.  She always receives fantastic feedback from attendees for making any workshop she runs interesting, entertaining and extremely useful - sharing practical real life examples and answering curly questions.

Tasha Ioela, Buddle Findlay

Tasha specialises in employment, health and safety and privacy.  

She also has broader experience in litigation and dispute resolution. Tasha provides clients with practical advice on all aspects of the employment relationship, from drafting and reviewing agreements and policies, to managing disciplinary investigations, estructures and redundancies and the esolution of personal grievances, negotiated exits and enforcement of restraints of trade.

What people have said about our training:

“For me the whole day was useful to embed my knowledge – it was an excellent course.”

“The workshop altogether was great! Nikki has been an absolute star of a facilitator. Altogether a very beneficial and good quality training day! Out of tons of workshops and trainings that I have attended in the past 10+ years, this was definitely one of the higher rated ones for me ”

“The seminar was interactive and although professional, was still quite a relaxed environment. The Elephant team really know their stuff and are happy to answer every little niggling question I had during the breaks.”

“I enjoyed the real life examples of what could happen, the different ways people can react and strategies to work with that”.

“Great case studies. The presenters were willing to answer questions and give examples. They involved the group and kept everyone on course.”

Kate James, Coca-Cola

Kate has extensive experience in Talent Acquisition and Recruitment including roles at TradeMe, Warehouse Group, Auckland Council and Air New Zealand. She is now heading up the OD function at Coca-Cola.  She passionately believes that successful, engaging employee experience begins with the ability to identify and bring together critical talent, business, and purpose. Underpinned by an inclusive culture, a robust people strategy enables great employee experiences, which in turn result in great customer experiences.

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Founded in New Zealand in 2006 by Angela and Fraser Atkins, we always had big plans for elephant! We developed and refined our programmes over time then in 2016 we went global. We’ve never looked back and develop all our programmes this way.

Our programmes focus on actual outcomes with practical tools and techniques you can use straight away. We discuss real life not just theory and we make it fun!

We design and run programmes globally with customised parts for each country. And we have local experts facilitate our workshops. You get the best of both worlds.

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Next Workshop Dates

Wellington - Friday 18 February 2022

Auckland - Thursday 24 March


Early Bird (4 weeks before): $395 + GST

Full price: $495 + GST

Katrina Kidson

Katrina helps make work a better experience for everyone.  She has an amazing combination of sharp business capability blended with a deep understanding of people, fulfilment, and happiness.

She is sought to help teams and managers transform their workplaces for the better. First time managers also love working with her, appreciating the support and tools as they transition successfully into the role.

Her background includes various CEO and Director roles, working in family businesses, and being part of the Asia Pacific Leadership team of a large corporate.

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Next Workshop Dates

Wellington - Friday 18 February 2022

Auckland - Thursday 24 March


Early Bird (4 weeks before): $395 + GST

Full price: $495 + GST